About Sue

A little about me …

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother and photographer. I wish I was addicted to exercise instead of shopping. I’m terrified of bugs―a fly is a bug and I’m scared of it. I’m a germ-a-phobe and borderline perfectionist. I’m a lover of all things purple. I’m funny, sarcastic, witty, shy and an introvert. I’m a Libra and a believer of psychic readings. I love all kinds of music, especially 1980s-90s big-hair bands. I’m a worrier and always on “mommy-mode.” I love to read―murder mysteries and memoirs are my favorites. I love sappy movies and dislike sci-fi. I over use happy face emoticons. :) I love chocolate and anything with nuts. Food with both ingredients is what I consider total heaven! I love coffee but not coffee ice cream. I am the youngest of nine daughters―no brothers. I love New England’s four seasons―fall being my favorite. I love cuddling with my kids and sneaking a kiss from them when they least expect it. I love the way my husband makes me laugh so hard it startles my kids. I love that I can speak two languages (English & Portuguese). I judge a book by its cover and bottles of wine by its label. I love being busy and often have a million projects going on at once—mostly in my head. Lastly, I love my Nikon … and I hug it often. :)

I’m also a proud member of Professional Photographers Association (PPA).