Lifestyle Sessions – Details

Lifestyle sessions are all about you and your life. Whether it’s a family session, senior portraits or a newborn session they’re your memories. Your moment. Make it what you want it to be!

What Should I Wear?

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not going to tell you what to wear. What I am going to tell you is to be forward-thinking and consider your main reason why you want a photo session in the first place. Do you want to create a collage of amazing photos or one gorgeous 30×50 canvas? Whatever your reasons, I always advise clients to go for a color theme that not only you like, but also one that what would look best in your home. For example, you may love the color purple (who doesn’t?!) and have your coordinating outfits in lovely shades of purple. However,  your cozy living room (where you’re planning on hanging a 30×40 canvas from this session) has a color pallet of mint green with orange accents (Remember, this is a hypothetical example…). You have to ask yourself, “Would our purple coordinated outfits complement our mint green/orange decor?”  See where I’m going with this? Now, if your home is neutral colors, then you’ve got the ultimate freedom to add as much color to your session as you wish!

What Should I Avoid?

If you’re planning a family portrait, I would advise not to mix busy patterns among family members. For example, Mom is wearing a polka-dot dress, Dad is wearing his favorite Hawaiian floral shirt and Junior is looking adorable in his red-striped onsie! YIKES! Keep it simple and avoid pattern overload!

Also, small patterns such as gingham, tend to create moire (crazy zig-zag design) in images. That is one pattern you may want to avoid all together. To confuse you further, pastel gingham such as baby blue, green and pink seem to be just fine in photos.  Go figure!

What Can I Add?

FUN! And how do you do that? With color and accessories! I love it when my clients add a splash of color to images. This is one way to create fun, personalized images that depict your personality. So  go ahead and wear that hot pink scarf or those red-hot heels! Or if your toddler has a favorite toy or doll. Bring it along! Let’s have some fun! :)